Saturday, 25 January 2014

Setup Procedure for Hudson-ci (continuous integration)

1)   Download the latest jar file available on hudson.
2)   Place the jar file in some folder with name “hudson” (no compulsion)
3)   Start the command prompt in hudson folder
4)   Execute the jar with the help of the command java -jar hudson.war
5)   Start the browser after getting message “hudson is ready” in cmd
6)   Enter the url “localhost:8080”  , dashboard is displayed.
7)   Configure the hudson , add required plug-ins like gradle and performance etc
8)    Set the path for JavaHome (jdk) or install from internet.
9)    Define the path for Git bin to make use of git .
10)  Make a new project and configure it .
11)  Add git repository and gradle task to build the project on configure page.
12)  Hudson clone the repository ,after cloning it should get build.gradle ,otherwise specify the whole path .
13) Click on Publish JUnit test result report  and specify the path of xml file generated by Junit.
14) Build the project and see the test result using performance & junit plugin .