Saturday, 23 November 2013

Making website websitename:8080 to only websitename


1         1     Download the http war file from

2         2     Extract the file and install as per guided on

3         3     Httpd.msi is available at , for direct installation can be done on                        windows by simply double click on msi file.

4         4     After installing it as a service run the service and hit the url http://localhost to see if its                   working or not .

5         5     You can change the home page in 
                  C:/Program Files/Apache Software Foundation/Apache2.2/htdocs

6         6     Now our job is to show the tomcat/webapps/Root indexpage  when localhost is hit on               browser instead of  htdocs index page .

7         7     First go to the server.xml of tomcat/bin and uncomment the line 
<                    Connector port="8009" protocol="AJP/1.3"  redirectPort="8443" />  
                 and save it (note run note as admin to  save ).

8            Then download the from the                         binaries which  should be suitable for your apache webserver version.

9         9     Paste the file to apache/modules where all other .so are kept

1        10  Create file in apache/conf folder paste the following and save it.

               worker.jk-status.type=status               worker.jk-status.read_only=true               worker.list=jk-manager               worker.jk-manager.type=status               worker.list=jk-status               worker.jk-status.type=status               worker.jk-status.read_only=true               worker.list=jk-manager               worker.jk-manager.type=status               worker.balancer.error_escalation_time=0               worker.balancer.max_reply_timeouts=10               worker.balancer.balance_workers=node1               worker.node1.reference=worker.template                    worker.node1.port=8109               worker.node1.activation=A               worker.balancer.balance_workers=node2               worker.node2.reference=worker.template                    worker.node2.port=8209               worker.node2.activation=A               worker.template.type=ajp13               worker.template.socket_connect_timeout=5000               worker.template.socket_keepalive=true               worker.template.ping_mode=A               worker.template.ping_timeout=10000               worker.template.connection_pool_minsize=0               worker.template.connection_pool_timeout=600               worker.template.reply_timeout=300000               worker.template.recovery_options=3               worker.list=ajp13               worker.ajp13.port=8009                    worker.ajp13.type=ajp13               worker.ajp13.lbfactor=1

1         11     Now Edit the httpd.conf file in apache/conf, paste the following
                       LoadModule jk_module modules/
               JkWorkersFile conf/
               JkShmFile  conf/mod_jk.shm
               JkLogFile  logs/from_apache_mod_jk.log
               JkLogLevel info
               JkLogStampFormat "[%a %b %d %H %M %S %Y]"
               JkMount /* ajp13

1          12.      Now restart the apache webserver.

1          13.  For more details about this topic you can visit the site 

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